rolstoel.jpgThe goal of this video is to entertain and educate people in a “fun/sexy” way. To often the disabled are viewed has either children or a-sexual. Hopefully this video will challenge that out-dated assumption. I also hope this site will be a Catalyst for an adult film company to think about making a line of explicit sex videos aimed at the disabled. These films would, I believe, help the disabled feel more comfortable with their bodies. It would also highlight the important idea that non-perfect bodies can still be sexy. Midget films have started to get popular, and I believe pairing a good looking/HOT girl with disabled partners could create a new niche in the adult market. It would also help break down some stereo types and serve an educational purpose too.

Het doel van deze video is amusement voor hen met een ‘niet zo perfect’ lichaam. Mensen met een handicap zijn niet geestelijk achter of -a-sexueel


One Response to “wheelchair/rolstoel”

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